8 Top Rated Vacuum Cleaners

Top Rated Vacuum Cleaners are a necessity. Whether you’re a single working professional in your mid 20’s or a run of the mill stay at home mom (or dad, for that matter). In the spirit of Cleanliness and top Rated Vacuum Cleaners, we have scoured all the information sources known to man in order to inform you, our beloved reader about the top Rated Vacuum Cleaners on the market. We don’t want to keep you waiting, so here they are:

Top Rated Vacuum Cleaners
Top Rated Vacuum Cleaners
  1. Miele S194 Quickstep S194

Our first entry is one of the sleeker and better looking models on the market. It comes in a chic-modern black and red combo that should go down well with our younger consumers. Warning: Not recommended for Pet hair. Check it out on Amazon:

  1. Eureka Quick Up 2 in 1 Cordless 96JZ

Who doesn’t love a cordless appliance? They look spectacular, and you wont risk tripping over any wires. Highly recommended for the accident prone reader

  1. Rowenta Air Force Extreme Lithium RH8552

This top Rated Vacuum Cleaners name isn’t the only extreme thing about it. Power and battery life are among the its most notable aspects

  1. Shark Rocket Ultra Light Upright HV301

This is the one you want if you have a lot of pets. We all love our furry companions, but cleaning up after them can be a real hassle, at least until you buy one of these

  1. Dyson V6 Motorhead

It’s fun to use, and will leave your carpet spotless. Not for the faint of heart

  1. Samsung Powerbot VR9000

What Vacuum list would be complete without mentioning one of our robotic friends. The model is costly, but worth every dollar. And let’s face it, having a robot clean your floors is pretty cool

  1. Puresonic i7 Pro

Another robotic companion, this model does well at dodging your furniture, but performance on carpets leaves much to be desired

  1. Bissell Lift off 2 in 1 Cyclonic Stick Vac 1189

Generally speaking, the bigger the name of the vacuum cleaner, the more you can expect from it. This is one of the best, no doubt about it.